I Feel wet while reading something romantic, it is not ejaculation bcz i don’t  feel relax after release, just feeling wet. What are the rulings on this? What do i need to do after that?


What you have is most probably madhy. It is an emotional urethral discharge that flows upon erection or sexual desire. Both male and female discharge madhy.

Pre-seminal discharge (madhy) is impure according to the unanimous agreement of all Muslim scholars. This is based on the Prophet’s command to wash one’s private part. Scholars differed about whether to wash the whole penis or to just clean the areas sullied with urethral discharge.

The majority of scholars maintain that it is sufficient to just clean the area polluted but some Malikis held that the whole penis must be washed. They based their view on the apparent meaning of the Prophet’s words, ‘let him wash his private’. This is one of the two views of Ahmad. 

The Prophet was reported to have commanded Ali to just sprinkle his private parts. Scholars explained the imperative ‘indah farjak’ to mean ‘wash your private part.’ They based their view on other reports of the hadith which indicate that madhy is impure and the rule of washing impurities is to fully wash them with water.

Almighty Allah knows best.

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