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Mother-Daughter relationship

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh brother,

You have been talking to a young lady online and have developed good relations with her, but you are understandably concerned about her poor relationship with her mother and how it’s affecting her.

Firstly, any interaction with this girl without her mahram present, however innocent it may seem is completely forbidden. It is advisable for the sake of Allah that you cut ties with this girl for both yours and her own sake. You say it is nothing more than friendship, but we know any interaction between man and woman alone can lead to much more even if it was never intended. This is why Allah warns us about such situations and advises us to lower our gaze. This also extends to online interactions these days as much as it does face to face as such conversations can also lead to the same devastating consequences of zina. Furthermore, it maybe that you are sure that you don’t have any feelings for her, but she may develop feelings for you, especially if you take on this protective, caring role. If you truly desire what’s in her best interests you would either cut ties or ensure any further contact with her is done in the presence of her mahram. Trust Allah’s command that a woman should be accompanied by her mahram for good reasons. At the age of 16, yes, she is young, but she is a woman and old enough to require a mahram.

It is unfortunate that she is suffering from bad relations within her family, and whilst it is honorable that you want to help her, it is advisable that you do not get involved in such matters. Not only is it not your business, but you have only heard one side of the story. Finally and importantly as you suggest, there could be severe consequences for her having been in close contact with a non-mahram male.

What you can do however is make du’a for her. Making du’a for her is a way you can feel comforted that Allah will be the one to assist in this situation; the only one who can truly make things better for this girl and her mother. You can also find comfort in the knowledge that you are doing the best thing that you can for her, and that you are doing it in an acceptable way that is more pleasing to Allah than continuing contact with this young lady and involving yourself in her family matters.

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May Allah reward your concern for her, but please keep in mind what this could lead to in how you conduct yourself moving forward. May Allah bring ease to the girl that you speak of rebuild relation between her and her mother.

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