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struggling with breastfeeding

As salamu alaykum

Shokran for writing to our live session.   I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties with breast feeding.  While I am not sure how old your baby is or how long you have been breastfeeding or if you have breast feed in the past, painful breast can be a problem.  Painful breastfeeding his can be caused by many factors, however one main problem is latching.   Sandra Yates of Vancouver is a lactation consultant.  She says that latch problems are the most common cause of breastfeeding pain. “Breastfeeding is not supposed to hurt,” she assures mothers. “When it does, it’s usually a signal that something is wrong and we need to find a way to fix it.  When baby is latched well, the nipple goes deep into baby’s mouth, right to the back. The baby’s tongue does most of the work in getting the milk out; if the nipple is not far enough back, the tongue will rub or press on the nipple and cause pain. Engorgement can make latching difficult. A baby who has been given bottles may use bottle-feeding techniques at the breast, leading to a poor or shallow latch.” (1).   Sister perhaps you are having a problem with you baby latching on correctly.  Please do consult with your doctor or midwife about the issues you are having.  They will be able to better assess your breastfeeding techniques to see if there are any problems with latching or other area’s which may be responsible for the pain.  Your doctor should also examine your breasts to ensure there is nothing else that can be causing pain such as cracked nipples, engorgement, etc.  If there is a lactation specialist in your area, please seek out her help.

While some women do adjust to breastfeeding with little problems, others experience painful breasts as you are describing.  It is natural to not want to be in pain sister.  Please do continue to put your milk into the bottle until you can see your doctor and hopefully a lactation specialist insha’Allah.  Your milk is the best for your baby .  Additionally, give your baby extra snuggling time with skin to skin contact after your baby is finishing eating.  This will help continue with the bonding process.  Please don’t feel guilty!  You are doing a wonderful job as a new mom, but you are one of the mom’s who has painful breasts during breastfeeding.  Please do consult with your doctor as well as a lactation specialist and insha’Allah you will over come the pain with a little help.  Also, if there are family members who breast feed or sisters at your Masjid whom you are close to, ask them for their advice.  As women we love sharing our experiences, offering help or comfort to a fellow mom who is experiencing issues.   Please do reach out to your sisters as well.   Insha’Allah this will be resolved sister, it is a common problem and usually easily corrected.  We wish you and your new baby the best!


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