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Hunting Your Career

Top Tips to Find Your Career Path

Are you a job seeker? Are you a fresh graduate and you’re looking to start your career?

Or maybe you don’t like your current job, and you are thinking about a career shifting?

Here we give you  some tips and ideas that will help you hunt the most suitable career for you!

 Take a Career Quiz:

Those kinds of quizzes are widely spread, and its aim is helping you find the career that suits your personality and matches with your expectations.

Generally all of these quizzes regardless of its type are measuring the following:

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* Your personal abilities and skills

* Your qualifications and interests

* The way you like to work

And the conclusion is helping you to identify your best field and type of work that do suit you.

Prepare Your CV

Your CV is a very important document; it rests your hopes and dreams for the future – that next step up

the career ladder and a better position.

The following tips are covering the basic CV tips you need to have a professional resume:

* Use clear formatting on your CV – there’s no point having great content if it is horrible to look at!

* Don’t make your CV too long – your Curriculum Vitae isn’t an essay!

* Your CV is about tomorrow, not yesterday. Concentrate on experience and achievement that equips you for an even better future and leave out stuff you have gone beyond.

* Put yourself in the mind of the reader and ask what will make them excited. Your CV is not a list of demands for what you want so don’t focus on an objective or a naive profile; replace both with a strong but simple list of the assets (knowledge, skills, track records, achievements) that you will contribute to your next employer.

Search, Explore and Ask others

Spreading your Cv is as important as making it. Beside submitting your Cv to the HR departments, never neglect the traditional ways of searching for a job such as:

Your friends and family: give them your CV and ask them to help you. They may know someone who’s looking for someone just like you for an exciting opportunity. Many ex-students take their first step into the real world through personal contacts and you know you can trust your family to have your interests at heart.

Newspapers and Internet: are good source of finding a job. All the big companies, public services, schools and other institutions advertise in the paper regularly for graduates. And, of course, the Internet should be one of the first ports of call for you – there are dozens of excellent job search sites for jobs.

Recruitment Companies or agencies: will help you find the right job for you, but bear in mind that they may try and push you into doing a role that isn’t your ideal job. They work for their clients – not for you. But they are always a good source of information and advice and if nothing else, they’ll help you refine your interview technique.

We’ve all heard it: “You can’t get a job if you don’t have experience, “ but how do you get experience if no one will give you a job!

Top Tips to Find Your Career Path - About Islam

Try an Internship

If you have flexibility when it comes to salary, an internship could be a great way to test out an industry or type of career—and eventually get a full-time job (especially if you have no prior experience).

Even if it doesn’t turn into a job or you find out it’s the wrong career for you, an internship can help build your network—from which you can get career and job advice.

Find a Mentor

A mentor can help you gain confidence, develop skills in a new job, and even help you  take your career to the next level and give you the insider insight and experience to help you make sure you’re on the right path.

If there’s a career you’re interested in, you might also check to see if any  people in that field would let you shadow them for a while to see what it’s really like.

Go Get Experience

Here’s the deal we advise you to make with your favorite career manager: “I’ll come in on my own time. You don’t have to pay me. I will train for free. Train me, and if you like my work, then you can hire me with pay.” it is a win-win situation.

During your voluntarily work, Show the Potential employers that enthusiasm in you.

* Be willing to do more than you are being paid to do. Help others in higher positions with their job, and you’ll learn how to do their job. This is a great way to boost your experience.

* Be an employee who gets along with his co-workers.

* Be an honest employee who doesn’t steal or lie to his employer.


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