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Social Media & Mental Health Crisis

According to the latest studies, social media use is directly linked to the globally increasing mental health problems.

Sr. Hana Alasry is a medical provider in the US; trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat mental illnesses. She shares her first-hand experience, and warns of the dangers of prolonged social media use.

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Check out this exciting and thought-provoking podcast, and learn about how to protect your mental health!

What are the main topics of this podcast?

You can learn about how social media distorts your perception of reality, and how the constant flow of disturbing news affects your mental health.

Discover how SM stimulates addictive behavior, specially among youth, whose impulse control in the brain is still under development. What is the role of algorithms in fostering addiction?

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Social media promotes time waste and distraction from other meaningful things, including your connection with Allah. Also, it normalizes sin, rudeness, disrespect, and showing – off. How?

What can you do to protect yourself? 

Listen to the video and learn more here.