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Are You Single and Happy? (Let’s Find Out)

All The Single Ladies: An Exclusive ‘Love-Talk’ for Girls

It’s true, sometimes you can feel lonely even when you’re never alone. Sometimes there’s more happiness and hope in being single than in being in a mentally or emotionally abusive relationship.

There are countless married women out there wishing they could switch places with single girls, to regain their freedom or sanity or at least have a chance to heal.

(Okay, girls, help me out here! I’m kinda already stuck on the very first question!)

Would you happily just settle down, or would you never settle for anything less than happiness?

Who is better off; the miserable singles or the miserable married women?

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We can argue about this all the way to Timbuktu and back, and still never reach a resolution. The only thing both groups seem to agree on is that the glass is half empty. But those who are happily single or happily married don’t live in La-La Land either.

They have their lows and their problems, too. Some get the ‘lonely pangs’ and others sometimes watch their husbands yell curse words at the TV or snore louder than ten jackhammers, and quietly contemplate murdering them.

It’s not all fluffy and bubbly! The difference here is they see the cup half full. They choose to focus on the positive, the bigger picture, on what keeps them together instead of what tears them apart.

They choose to become survivors instead of victims.

It sounds sappy but it’s true.
It’s not really what you see, it’s how you see it.

There’s a special secret method of finding joy in any relationship status whether it’s single, married, divorced or ‘waiting for a miracle’. And since I’m a snitch today I will tell you all about it….

This way, please…

You see this beautiful joy-filled room with the amazing view, crystal vases, roses, satin sheets, scented candles and treasure boxes? Where you keep your beauty products, your precious jewelry, your cherished memories and all your favorite fun things? Imagine instead of accessing your own room whenever you please, you lock its door and give the key to someone else.

And every time you want to have fun, feel pretty, enjoy the view or even sleep comfortably, you must first go find that person who holds the key. But sometimes this person will be busy, asleep, too tired, too cranky or too angry to go fetch it. What will happen to you then?

Finding the Key to Happiness

Married or single, putting the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket doesn’t seem like a very smart idea, does it?

It’s too much of a burden to be responsible for someone’s happiness all day, every day!

You can’t depend on your husband, or even on your own flesh and blood, (be it your parents or your kids) to make you happy because it’s impossible to be physically and emotionally available ALL the time.
They will fail and eventually give up.
A man’s role is NOT to make you happy, it’s to make you happier!

To all the single Muslim girls waiting for their other half to finally make an appearance (hopefully on a white Arabian horse bearing a diamond ring) remember this: Allah says,

“If you are grateful, I will surely increase you in favor.” (Holy Qur’an, 14:7)

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