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Are You Looking for Love?

Personal Thought

How would you describe L.O.V.E.?

This is a frequently asked question. For sure, each one has his/her own description. Each one  has his/her own encounter with this very meaningful word that makes the entire world go round…

Are You Looking for Love? - About Islam

But can someone really grasp its full experience? Can someone give love unreciprocated?

Each of us has his or her own issues in life. We all have our share of suffering and burdens. But to top it all, we, too, search for fulfillment, happiness, and contentment.

I am one of those who dreamt of a fairy tale ending love story. My knight in shining armor will come to save me from the enemies that are invading my castle. His sword will finish my queries, and we will live happily ever after.

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But I had to wake up! Funny but it’s true as I grow a year older in my life, I realized that I was getting it wrong.

You can’t have it all. You may excel in one field and fail in another.

And when you pray for something, Allah will grant only those prayers that He knows are best for you and for your religion.

Now, as I look back on those crying moments I had, looking for a knight, I smile.

Asking myself how foolish I was to think that one human being can grant all my heart wishes. Begging for his love when in fact, only Allah can give us unreciprocated Love.

The True Real Love

As I spent my dawns and nights praying to Allah in silence, I felt His Divine Providence in me. It sinks into my mind that no one could ever love us more than Allah Himself.

You don’t need to beg, don’t need to cry, no need for payment in return. You don’t even have to be perfect to gain His love.

To Allah, you are always beautiful, no matter what race you are or what you look like, and no matter how many times you have lost your way. He is Oft-forgiving and Merciful who is embracing and welcoming you back.

Are You Looking for Love? - About Islam

Once love in your heart exists, it will eventually come with it achieving Allah’s will, following His commands and believing in His Messengers and doing what is good.

As I sat meditating on those things I’ve come to think about love and its full existence, this made me see the whole picture of life.

The answer to “Could someone really give love unreturned?” I certainly believe yes…

Not just merely someone but Allah, the Almighty, Oft-forgiving, and Merciful, is the sole One who can give you love without hesitations, without human expectations.

Only Allah can satisfy the deepest needs of our heart and make us truly alive. Allah’s love cannot be explained, it can only be experienced.

Of course, love exists in each and every one of us. But love for Allah is far greater than any love you can find.


The article is from the archives.