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Muslim Youth & Campus Life Challenges

Peer Pressure

Undoubtedly, you will run into people that fail to respect your lifestyle choices and they will try to pressure you into doing something haram.

Muslim Youth & Campus Life Challenges - About Islam

Remember, this is not a true friend if they are trying to manipulate you and pressure you into doing things you don’t want.

That type of friend will only make your college experience more difficult and end up hurting you.

Make your choices clear and if they continue to pressure you despite asking them to stop, then walk away from that friend.

A good friend will always respect your choices. Besides, do you care more about pleasing Allah (swt) or your friends?

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Muslim Student Organization MSA

If you have never heard of the local MSA for your campus, look it up right now. Most campuses have a Muslim student association or religious clubs.

This will help you meet more Muslim friends and like-minded individuals that understand and respect your choices.

Muslim Youth & Campus Life Challenges - About Islam

MSAs are also great for getting involved with other student organizations that are like-minded such as Christian student clubs or student organizations committed to doing charity work.

If you get involved with students like this, you will have less temptation and struggle around you.

Final Thoughts

Campus life can be challenging and rewarding, which is largely dependent on the choices you make and whom you decide to be around with.

Carefully choose your friends and remember that true friends won’t pressure you to do something you don’t want to.

Dating, drugs and haram activities might look like fun, but I promise you it is hurting a lot of them and you don’t know to what extent.

Stay focused on why you are there: to obtain a degree and advance in your intended career.

This time of your life is about preparing yourself for real adulthood. Stay focused and avoid temptations.

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