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9 Big Things College Students Worry About

5 – Relationships

Having None or Having Bad Ones

This is an even tougher one. You don’t want haram relationships, you just don’t, so don’t participate in them! You are busy enough.

Time for that is coming. If you focus on yourself right now, then your family life will be even better when you are ready for it. 

6/7 – Choosing the Wrong Major or the Wrong College

The National Center for Education Statistics says about 80 percent of college students change their major at least once.

A recent survey shows that at least 61% of graduated students would change their majors if they could start again. 

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You will probably change your major, so again, no worries. It will just bring you closer to realizing your dreams and aligning yourself with your fitra.

Around 25 percent of students transfer colleges, maybe you will be one of them!

This is one of the many beauties of being young: you really do have time to adjust things, and you know what, you may change careers later in life too. Enjoy taking in so many new things right now.

8 – Disappointing Family

For many Muslim youth, their family made great sacrifices to be able to offer their children better lives.

Of course, you are going to worry about disappointing your family. This isn’t something you can control .

Just do your best and feel your best knowing you did! We know, it is not as easy as it sounds, but take comfort in knowing a lot of people share your struggle, yeah?

9 – Fear of Not Succeeding

iGen or Gen Z take improving the world very seriously.

While some are mostly concerned about financial and worldly success, many are very concerned about making an impact on the world.They worry about not being able to do so.

Allah wants greatness for you, but you may not understand that greatness comes in many packages. Again, just do your best.

Your apparent failures truly are learning experiences that you can move forward and do greater things with.

If you are worrying, then you are already great—don’t let the worrying part consume your greatness energy.

Please don’t be lonely with all your fears, when actually everyone around you are having their own worries.

9 Big Things College Students Worry About - About Islam

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to open up to others.

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