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9 Big Things College Students Worry About

Parents on the outside, who have already done college, hardly remember what the big deal is about moving from high school to university.

Other parents who have never been to university can’t relate either.

Starting college is a huge deal, and new students have many, many fears.

9 Big Things College Students Worry About - About Islam

Some are valid, some are avoidable, and some are just a drain of good energy.

These are nine of the biggest things college students worry about, but alhumdulillah can work through.

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1 – Fear of All the Newness

If you are now living on campus, this is a huge change and a valid source of discomfort.

But even if you are just commuting to school, it’s a lot to adjust to.

This part is really going to get better as you learn all the ins and outs of your new school.

It just takes time, so give yourself extra time to do things like commute to school, communicate with teachers via email, and so on.

Familiarize yourself with the school’s resources and use them. That’s what they are there for – for you.

2 – College Expense and Debt

Even if you go to a free school, there are plenty of expenses that come along with going to college. This is inevitable.

If you don’t already, learn how to budget now. Use an app, get a yearly planner – by any means necessary, now is the time to really understand how to work with what you have and keep your debt to a minimum.

Again, use all the resources available to you, including applying for scholarships -there are a lot out there- and let extended family know that you appreciate any help in this area.

3 – How to Do It All

Oh the things you will learn in college…

School assignments, community service, extra-curricular activities, preparing for exams, increasing worship, spending quality time with friends and family, and working on a part-time basis.

You want it all, so be sure to learn to manage your time.

9 Big Things College Students Worry About - About Islam

Start by identifying your musts versus your wants. You must get your assignments done, so schedule time for that.

You want to have fun, so see when is the best time for that. You can learn to do this too.

4 – Friends

Having None or Having Bad Ones

Either way, you worry. And it’s a good thing to worry about your companions because you know the wrong crowd will not help you succeed in this life or the next.

Check if your school has a Muslim Student Association and join it!

9 Big Things College Students Worry About - About Islam

Stay in regular touch with the good friends you already have; don’t take them for granted. And don’t give too much time to new people.

No worries, the hearts are already attached and you will find your good friends when the time is right.

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