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Rajab: Quick Things to Know and Do

Though it’s one of the four sacred months, the benefits of Rajab are easily overshadowed by the excitement of anticipating Ramadan.

Below are some very quick facts you’ll be glad to know about Rajab, as well as things you can do to gain blessings during the month.

Three Facts to Know About Rajab

1 – Be Aware!

Committing sins during Rajab carries a heavier weight as it’d be deemed an act of desecrating the month. 

Allah has selected and chosen four months then made them sacred and made their virtues to be the greatest. Sins committed in them would be greater than other times.

2 – Be Excited

Good deeds also carry a heavier weight and earn great rewards during Rajab.

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“…He (Allah) also made righteous good actions to be the greatest in them.” stated by Ibn Abbas (ra).

3 – Be Nice

During the month of Rajab, war and fighting are not allowed.

Rajab: Quick Things to Know and Do - About Islam

This practice was carried over by Arabs from the pre-Islamic era, as they would sheath their weapons during the days of Rajab. It’s such a good annual practice that Allah ordained it to remain as such.

The concept of fighting is comprehensive. It can refer to fighting anger, fighting depression, fighting bad habits, fighting injustice, etc.

Three Things To Do During Rajab

Rajab truly is a blessing. Right before Ramadan, not only is it a chance to prepare for the holy month, but there can be extra blessings in doing so!

Just imagine, set your intentions, and get barakah for everything good you do this month.

1 – Start Controlling Your Nafs

Since sins and blessings weigh more during the month of Rajab, obviously you want to at least cut back on your sins.

Start better controlling your nafs now.

“Deeds Deeds (i.e., perfection and rewards) depend upon intentions.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

2 – Seek Peace

In consideration of Rajab being a month of no fighting, don’t do it!

Practice your best manners, make excuses for people, and don’t let Shaytan spoil your relationship. 

“I created the jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me. (Adh-Dhariyat 51: 5)”

Renew your search for inner peace during this month.

3 – Just Fast!

Whether or not you have any missed fasts, fasting the white days are going to bring you more blessings than usual.

So fast! And of course it’s a good warm up for Ramadan.