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20 Popular Questions Asked by Muslim College Students

College life is a whole new game with many challenges around family, relationships, money, logistics, studying… etc. Fortunately, you are not alone!

From the many, many questions we receive, here are our best answers to 20 popular questions asked by students:

Relationships in University

1 – Is It Okay That I’m Attracted To Non-Muslims?

Maybe they will convert…

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2 – How Can I End My Haram Relationship?

Avoiding haram and sexual relations during college years is a challenge, but worth avoiding!

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3 -Is Online Dating Okay?

Making friends or searching for a partner – is it okay to have relationships online? (several questions and answers in this one video)

4 – Should I Get Married While I Am Still In College?

This is a serious issue to weigh for both young men and women…

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20 Popular Questions Asked by Muslim College Students - About Islam

Big Choices!

5 – Between Father And My Career: How To Choose? 

My father doesn’t understand my study needs for my career at all.

6 – I’m Not Sure What I Want To Study And Do With My Life…

It’s a big commitment – how do I decide?

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7 – How Can I Avoid Student Loans?

Is it impossible to go to university without an interest-based loan?

8 – How Can I Go Against My Family And Attend The College I Want?

Parents are making me go to one closer to home.

 9 – Can I cut off My Abusive Family?

I want to move away, study and leave my abusive family behind forever!

Also – Can I sever ties with my abusive father?

20 Popular Questions Asked by University Students

Mental Health And Life Balance

10 – How Can I Stop Being A People Pleaser?

I just want to make everyone happy so they aren’t upset with me, but in the end I upset myself. Help!

11 – How Should I Deal With Toxic Relatives?

I just don’t have time for these haters.

12 – How can I stop my OCD?

I thought I beat it, but OCD is taking over my life!

20 Popular Questions Asked by University Students

More counseling advice on OCD and mental disorders.

13 – Am I Crazy?

Bullying from school made me daydream too much,especially when I have anxious thoughts, and now I think I might be an actual psycho.

14 – Maybe philosophy is confusing me – am I egocentric?

I feel hazed and confused when I turn things over in my mind.

15 – How to Stop Being Lazy And Get Motivated?

My studies are being affected, but I can’t stop! Or rather, can’t start.

16 – How can I stop having negative thoughts all the time?

These mixed up thoughts are ruining my decision making.

17 – How Can I Balance My Schedule?

School assignments, community service, extra-curricular activities, preparing for exams, increasing worship, spending quality time with friends and family, and working on a part-time basis – can I have it all???

20 Popular Questions Asked by University Students

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18 – I Am Not In A Position To Do Much, But Feel Overwhelmed By All The Need In The World…

How can I help people?

19 – How Can I Stop Using So Much Social Media?

It is giving me so much anxiety!

20 – Campus Life Is So Different, How Can I Do This?

Isolation, loneliness, gender interactions, parties, peer pressure…

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20 Popular Questions Asked by University Students