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What Has AboutIslam Audience Learned During COVID-19?

2020 has been a year like no other. Within the first three months of 2020 we were all faced with the global pandemic of COVID-19. Many countries faced an unprecedented lockdown that none of us have ever seen before. Schools shut down, many work places shut down, and for those of us who could, we worked from home. 

The new normal of working and schooling from home began and let’s face it, it caused a lot of stress and panic in many of us. A recent poll on our Facebook page showed that 44% of our audience were poorly mentally affected with the lockdown and 56% of our Twitter audience felt some kind of anxiety.  Many of us are starting to get back on track now alhamdulillah, but the stress and worry made an impact at some point during this pandemic. 

Amidst the stress and worry of the “new normal” many of us took the advantage to learn new things. We also realised things about our faith and personalities that we never took notice of before. 

We asked our Facebook audience what they learnt during COVID-19 and as a source of positivity and motivation, we decided to share with you our audience’s thoughts!

Allah is in Control

The #1 thing many of our audience said was that they realized that Allah is in control. It is not that we didn’t know this. We all know this, but this pandemic is a very stark reminder that we really are powerless and it is Allah that controls everything.

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“That Allah is in control of everything and nothing happens without His permission or without a reason. This actually could have been much worse than it has been but Allah is merciful and I am grateful for that. There is much we can learn from this and Allah has ways of getting our attention. Alhamdulillah for everything!” – Roqia Prevatte

“That no matter who we think we have, we truly only have Allah! How in all situations my prayer was all I needed to change a situation & when you ask, Allah always listens & makes the way.” – Lynda Joyce

“We are powerless. We are absolutely nothing without God’s help.” Tajmina Khan

“Sabr. Learnt in the end you will have Allah only. Then your parents who will love and care you. Others whom we like and care will change.” – Mariamul Ashiya


Deeper Appreciation of our Loved Ones and Teachers!

Many of us spent more time with our families than we normally ever do. We prayed together, we ate together, we worked together, we taught our kids. For months on end the only people we spent any time with were our immediate family members. It made us have a deeper love and appreciation of our loved ones. It also made us understand the hard work teachers have to do every day!

“Praying Namz Salat in congregation at home is beautiful….Binds the family” – Nizar Nazim M

“That I actually can be around my family all day and love them still” – Teresa Sue Jones

“I have a better appreciation for mothers and teachers. They take care of my children. My kids drive me crazy sometimes, its hard to work from home. But, Alhamdulillah I still have a job.” – Mohammed Hossain

“Home schooling is challenging. Thanks Allah for teachers.” Deborah Rehman

Found More Time for Quran and Other Subjects

It was the perfect time, and still is, to pick up Quran and read it and learn new surahs. It was also a perfect time to get stuck into a new hobby or a new book that you have always wanted to do/read!

“I had the privilege to read the Holy Quran translation in my own (Urdu) language.” –Adnaan Khan

“Reading much more from the Qur’an and stay patient. Alhamdulillah” – Sefiek Ali Chandoe

“There’s no reason to get bored!! So much to learn/read and develop!! Just pick a subject and dive into it!!” – Hamira Rasool

Accepting a Simple Way of Living

Forget the expensive things we love to surround ourselves with. The massive gatherings we love to get involved with – nope. Forget living the complicated life we have grown so accustomed too! We realized that the better way to live was the simply, modest way. It helps us to reconnect with our Creator and be appreciative for simple things. After all, what doesn’t kill us can only strengthen us in faith. 

Reconcile to a Simple and Modest Living, and thereby attaining Contentment of the Soul and Body.” – A Shabbir Ahmed

“You can live without all those stupid parties and gatherings” – Walia Uzair 

“I learned some times you must think outside the box in other to survive….And also what does not kill you will only make you a better person.” – Bashir Ismael

Reconsidering Things…

As we approach the end of the year and for many of us, we are experiencing a second wave of COVID-19, there are many things we can learn to make our life better. It really has been difficult and we can’t deny that. But we must remember that Allah sends us trials and tests. How we deal with those trials and tests is a matter of how we get through this life.

Life isn’t always a bed of roses. This year has certainly proved that but it doesn’t mean that life has to stop because it becomes difficult. As our audience has shown us, we can learn many great things from difficult times and they can cement bonds between people. Difficult times can make us appreciate simpler things. They can make us be creative. They can make us be stronger in our faith and have a deeper trust in our Creator.

This pandemic is not going away any time soon. We have to get used to it and maybe we have to go back into another lockdown before this ends. We should make the most of this time to do new hobbies, read Quran, understand our religion and appreciate all the blessings that we have in our life.  As Aliu Hassan Yussuf reminded us all “To Allah we belong and unto him we shall return.”