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Masjid Toronto Organizes a Family Day on the History of Muslims in Canada


This weekend, Masjid Toronto is Organizing a Family Day , hosting Hassam Munir, editor in chief at to talk about the history of Muslims in Canada.

The announcement on the masjid’s website reads:

It’s time for families to meet, learn, and socialize at Masjid Toronto. All families and individuals are welcome to enjoy this good time at Masjid Toronto, on Saturday, July 8th 2017, right after Dhuhr (1:40 pm).

It is unclear exactly when Muslims first arrived and settled in Canada, but when Canada was created in 1867, Muslim families had been living in this land for years. In the past 150 years, Canadian Muslims have not let their minority status―or the xenophobia they occasionally faced because of it―prevent them from making incredible contributions to their own community and to Canadian society at large.

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This talk will explore this inspiring legacy as well as how and why Canadian Muslims must carry it resiliently into the future. Learn about the earliest Muslims in Canada, Canada’s first mosque, Muslim explorers and traders in Canada’s far north, the history of Masjid Toronto, and much more!

Joining us for this important discussion is Hassam Munir, an independent researcher of Islamic history. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of iHistory, a multimedia project that aims to reconnect Muslims with their past and legacy by combining rigorous academic research with interesting and creative ways of presentation.

Hassam draws on his educational and professional background in both journalism and history to make this happen.

Masjid Toronto is a mosque in the heart of downtown Toronto, serving a large and diverse Muslim community.

Its unique location near universities, downtown businesses, and the Greyhound Bus Station makes it a sanctuary for Muslim students, professionals, and travelers alike.

Today, hundreds of people each week make use of Masjid Toronto to perform the five daily prayers and the congregational Friday prayer. The mosque also hosts community events, a weekend children’s school, and various classes.