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Man Grows Food to Give Away to Poor Neighbors

Helping low-income people who can’t afford fresh vegetables from stores, a man is growing food in his own garden to give it a way for poor people in his neighborhood.

“I’ll set it out here. People drive by and pick it up,” David Thompson told Heart Threads.

Thompson was motivated to do this because grocery stores in his low-income neighborhood are expensive.

As some people in other neighborhoods started to set up food tables, Thompson is proud that he is uniting his community by food.

“Food can do that. Food and growing your own stuff and giving it away can build that community.”

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Man grows food to give away to others in need

In a low-income neighborhood, this man is growing his own organic produce, and giving extras away for free to neighbors who can't afford fresh ingredients from the store. via HeartThreads

Posted by WFAA on Wednesday, 10 October 2018