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COVID-19: How to Enjoy a Safe Eid Al-Adha

While many managed to maintain social distancing during this year’s Eid al-Fitr gatherings, due to the coronavirus pandemic, some couldn’t let go of their traditional gatherings.

Here we go again, encircled with the threat of the Covid-19 second wave, while Eid Al-Adha is right at the corner.

With restrictions mostly eased in several places, it’s really important to be careful during the Eid holiday.

Concerned with the alarming rate of infections, several warnings issued by the medics are still relevant and we hope you will do your best to protect yourself and others.

Here are some tips for you on how to enjoy a safe Eid Al-Adha during the pandemic.

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Do not cause harm or reciprocate harm.” 

Sunan Ibn Mājah

Eid Preparations

As always, waiting till the last minute to do anything brings stress and haste, causing poor decision making.

Being in a rush makes it so much easier to forget face mask, or absentmindedly touch your face with your unsanitized hands and so on.

Don’t rush out at the minute to do your eid shopping. Make a thorough list and use it. Pause, slow down and take care of yourself while out and about.

Eid Prayer

COVID-19: How to Enjoy a Safe Eid Al-Adha - About Islam

If your mosque is open, it’s still your choice whether or not to attend the congregational Eid Al-Adha prayer. If there are reported cases of coronavirus in your area, it might be better if you opt to pray at home.

Ask yourself: Is your mosque following the “9 Steps to Re-Opening Mosques Safely?” While there are firm anti-Covid-19 suggestions for places of worship, not everyone follows them. You may find people unwilling to socially distance at prayers and not using other precautions.

– Outdoor prayers are safer than indoors.

– Make wudu at home

– Bring your own prayer mat

– Continue to wear a mask and use sanitizer frequently.

– Avoiding physical contact in greetings, though difficult across many cultures, is still absolutely encouraged.

– Continue to place your right hand over your heart when exchanging salams.

Artist: Tanison Pachtanom
Artist: Tanison Pachtanom

Social Gathering with Loved Ones?

This is another tricky issue. Are your loved making plan for Eid gatherings and festive occasion? Is this plan too risky? Or do they respect anti-Covid-19 precautions?

You may feel better opting for a virtual gathering, don’t feel guilty about this. And if it is illegal to gather in your area, then don’t break the law.

If you have extended family and loved ones, here are some of major things you need to consider:

– Meet and serve outdoors if possible, the greater the space, the better chances of keeping a good distance

– Have plenty of hand sanitizer available

– Continue exchanging nonphysical greetings (put your right hand over your heart when you say “Asalam Alaikum”)

– Remind children not to share personal items, such as utensils, brushes, even toys for young children, etc

– Wash your dishware well after eating, this may seem obvious, but use the hottest setting on your dishwasher or soak in hottest water

Remember: you have the responsibility to protect yourself and others. With so many already suffering the loss of loved ones, being unable to attend janazahs, unable to celebrate their weddings, missing Hajj – one missed Eid party isn’t really that big of a sacrifice, is it?