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Coronavirus: Managing Mental Health and Spirituality (video)

Not only are many of us fearful of catching COVID-19, there is the added stress of quarantining and social isolation.

Mosques and schools are shut down; media bombardment is non-stop and a great deal of dramatic discussion about the issue is everywhere. All of this can negatively impact our spirituality and mental well-being.

In this video webinar, Imam Omar Suleima joins authors of the Trauma series, Sarah Sultan and Najwa Awad in a very informative discussion, providing practical tips on how to nurture our faith and mental health during this time of pandemic fear and uncertainty.

Yaqeen Institute offers more resources and reading on the Coronavirus here.

Muslim Efforts

As the world works to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Muslim bodies in various countries have come together in different forms to make positive contributions to this campaign.

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Islamic Relief Canada, Penny Appeal USA and Islamic Relief UK have launched their own campaigns to support vulnerable people and save more lives by providing hygiene kits and supplying food banks with donations. 

Moreover, Muslim groups and charities are doing great job fighting COVID-19 with kindness and charity in many parts of the world.