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8 Quick Ramadan Gift Ideas for Non-Muslim Neighbors

Islam emphasizes on the mutual rights and duties of neighbors. We are advised to show hospitality towards our neighbors. Here are some gift ideas with a little Muslim flavor for Ramadan, Eid or other special occasions to show your neighbors you care.

And (be good) to the neighbor who is your relative and to the neighbor who is not a relative.” An-Nisaa’ 4.36

1 – Gourmet White Chocolate Dates

Which neighbor wouldn’t love luxurious white chocolate covered gourmet dates? The combination of crunchy, soft, chocolate and the sweetness of the date is divine.

These white chocolate covered dates are very quick and easy to make and can be prepared 1-2 weeks ahead of Ramadan or Eid. Wrap them in these star plates and you have a fabulous gift to give.

Click to find step by step recipe: Gourmet white chocolate dates.

8 Quick Ramadan Gift Ideas for Non-Muslim Neighbors - About Islam
2 – Date Truffles

A box of truffles creates an impression of luxury and care. These creamy, smooth, all natural truffles are made of dates, almonds, honey, desiccated coconut and sesame seeds. A perfect gift to give.

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These elegant plates are perfect to present these luxurious truffles. It’s also easier for your neighbor as they don’t have to return the platter back.

Click to find step by step recipe: Date Truffles

3 – Stuffed Lanterns

Present the Ramadan staples(dates) to your neighbors tucked in the most iconic Ramadan symbol, a fanoos a.k.a Ramadan lantern.

The thoughtful and creative lanterns filled with delicious dates are sure to delight your neighbors. You can fill them with candy or other items too.

Click to find step by step instruction:  DIY Ramadan Lantern gift

4 – Cookie Platter

The very best gifts come from your own kitchen. These Persian cookies with rose water and saffron are guaranteed to make your neighbors smile.

The best part, they don’t need your precious time to decorate. Just sprinkle poppy seeds or crushed pistachio before baking and they are ready to go. Make your Muslim identity shine by selecting cookie cutters that show Islamic symbols.

The Persian cookies are gluten free and peanut free making them perfect for neighbors with different dietary restrictions.

Click to find step by step recipe: Persian Rose water and saffron cookies

5 – Stack of mini Arabesque cakes

These melodic geometric design mini cakes are sure to impress your friends and neighbors. The arabesque design is perfect for Ramadan and Eid.

Use your favorite cupcake recipe or use a cake mix and make the petite cakes in our small arabesque mold to add an Islamic art element to the petite cakes. Make the packaging festive by using these star cello bags.

Click for more information: Islam inspired baking molds

8 Quick Ramadan Gift Ideas for Non-Muslim Neighbors - About Islam

6 – Harmony Cookie cutter set

What a fun gift to share the message of unity! We gave these to our neighbors two years ago and everyone was talking about what a beautiful gift the Harmony cookie cutter set is.

Your neighbor sure will be thrilled to receive the Harmony cookie cutter set too. You can even gift this with cookie mix for them to use down the road.

Click for more information:  Harmony set

7 – Rose scented Candle

Scented candles make perfect gifts for all of their aromatherapy properties. These rose scented candles create an atmosphere that will stimulate the senses and elevate positive mood, all through the day.

Give your neighbors the gift of aromatherapy through scented candles.

8 – Ramadan Card

If nothing, unplug yourself for a weekend and write a small note of appreciation to your neighbors and tell them your family is observing Ramadan. Wish them peace, prosperity, and love for being your neighbor.

It’s a great opportunity to allow you to step away from the screen and actually sit down with a pen and paper.

Click for more information:  Ramadan Greeting Card

Whichever gift you present your neighbor, be warm and open to let them know how blessed you are to have them next door.

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