5 Life-Changing Lessons I learned From Muslim Friends

4 – Focusing on Big Picture

In a society that is constantly instilling the message “YOLO!” and encouraging people to do what feels good in the moment, my Muslim sisters have always kept me grounded.

Life on earth is not our final destination, they remind me, so it is vital that we choose our words and actions carefully. I’ve been so blessed to be among women who make practicing Islam unapologetically, fully and investing in the akhira (the afterlife) their top priorities.

They motivate me to strive to learn more about Islam, memorize more Qur’an, do more good deeds, and cleanse my heart with remembrance of Allah and repentance.  My sisters actions and intentions inspire me to think past my immediate wants and focus on what my soul actually needs.

5 Life-Changing Lessons My Muslim Friends Taught Me

5 – Embracing Their Roles

My Muslim friends are smart and capable. Many are career women or former professionals. They have skills that are valued and monetized in today’s society, but many of these remarkable women still find a way to make their families their main focus.

They strive to be loving, good wives to their husbands and do not feel like they are betraying women’s rights by doing so.

Those who have children dedicate much of their energy to their kids through acts of devotion and nurture like breastfeeding, homeschooling, organizing their sports and social activities, volunteering at their schools, cooking healthy meals, maintaining a clean and wholesome home environment, along with doing a million other thankless and undervalued jobs.

They do it all purposely and intentionally, for the sake of Allah. I find their dedication heroic and awe-inspiring.  

Sadly, some Muslims have not been blessed with such an empowering circle. Some look at the friends who surround them and do not see many positive traits, or perhaps they have hardly any friends at all.

Everyone deserves a circle that inspires and supports them, helping them strive to be a better Muslim.

If you have few such friends, I encourage you to make efforts to find and befriend like-minded sisters. Also, make du‘aa’ that Allah will surround you with excellent companions. InshaAllah you will find sisters who increase your happiness and bring you closer to Allah.  

First published: June 2019

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