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10 Reasons Why We Wear Hijab

 A group of young Muslim women who are extremely passionate about hijab and proud of wearing it started this document to share the reasons why they wear hijab.

They hope this explains why Muslim women wear it and encourages many other women to take this beautiful step.

They came up with more than a hundred reasons why they wear hijab.

In this article, we just share ten of them but you can read the full list here.

10 Reasons Why We Wear Hijab - About Islam

Why Hijab?

 1-Hijab is a fardh (required obligatory act, a Divine instruction by the Creator of the Heavens and the earth, Allah Almighty).

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2- Everything that He, The All-Knowing, instructs and requires us to do is for our own benefit, even if we don’t get it.

You trust the doctor and follow his orders and prescriptions, even when he gives you a bitter pill you don’t like, because you trust he can help you heal.

How then do we not trust the Ultimate Healer Himself when He instructs us to do something?

“How could He not know His own creation? For He ˹alone˺ is the Most Subtle, All-Aware.” (Qur’an 67: 14)

3- The most beloved thing through which you can seek Allah is to humbly and sincerely follow His instructions.

If you love someone and this person refuses to listen to you or do the things that you love or ask him to do, will this be a loving relationship?

4- Hijab is not about protecting you from males. Hijab is mentioned in Surat AnNur (i.e. The Light) and it is linked to the name of Allah anNur.

It is a spiritual light for the woman, it increases and protects her spiritual light.

Hijab is an Imani (faith) act. This is why Allah addressed believing women when He ordered it. It is about iman (faith).


5-Hijab makes me feel strong and empowered. No one has access to my body. I’m in control.

6-You don’t blindly follow society, fashion, or what people think is pretty/fashionable. You’re a leader, not a follower.

7-While wearing a proper hijab, people are not distracted by my looks, rather by my intellect, talent, and what I have to say.

10 Reasons Why We Wear Hijab - About Islam

It helps me and everyone dealing with me focus on what really matters.

8-Your body is an amanah (a trust that you’re entrusted with). You only live in this body temporarily, so you should treat it the way it’s Owner instructed.

If you live in a hotel for a few days, and you get instructions on how you’re expected to leave the place looking upon check out, and then you completely ruin and abuse the rooms and places you occupied, would this be acceptable?

9-Women are asked to dress modestly and behave modestly, and men are asked to lower their gaze and behave modestly.

Both men and women are part of this equation. They both have requirements.

We don’t dress immodestly and then say, “Oh, well, it is men’s complete responsibility to lower their gaze.”

You also have the responsibility to dress modestly. It is an injustice if men force women to be immodest, thus commiting a sin; and it’s an injustice if women are immodestly dressed, thus tempting men to also commit sins.

10 Reasons Why We Wear Hijab - About Islam

We should help one another, not destruct one another. We are allies, not enemies!

10- What I’ve learned in the last few years from Islam is how Allah ordered us to many actions that give us value as human beings.

Wearing hijab from the woman side, and lowering gaze from the man side is the balance.

It’s like organizing our lives in a way that makes them more focused, dignified, and productive.

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