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Raising Muslim Children in the West

Why Do You Need Good Muslim Friends?

In this episode, Sr. Nichola highlights the benefits of having good Muslim friends as a convert, living in the West. Why?

Sharing the Same Identity

Your children will grow up among many non-Muslims. It’s inevitable and has many advantages when it comes to learning about diversity and tolerance.  At the same time, having good Muslim friends with the same customs and habits help strenghtening your childrenꞌs Muslim identity. 

Sharing the Joy of Celebrations

Ramadán, Eids and other community gatherings have special significance as you can feel that you are part of the Ummah, and practice the social aspects of Islam. While these experiences in Muslim countries are given, you may need to make extra efforts in the West, to live these moments together with other good Muslims and their children.

Discussing Parenting Issues

Having good Muslim friends as convert parents is useful: you can support each other sharing your struggles and practices about parenting Muslim children in the West.

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