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5 Benefits of Volunteering

Benefits of Volunteering

Have you ever thought of benefits of volunteering? Volunteering is a beneficial and productive form of sadaqa. By volunteering you’re not only benefiting others, you are earning reward, and – a fact that is often overlooked – learning how to become more productive in your everyday life. Here are 5 ways that volunteering encourages those …

Don’t Know Where to Volunteer? Here’s a Long List
Don't Know Where to Volunteer? Her's a Long List

Volunteering is the cornerstone to the greatness that enables many charitable and other organizations to be able to do their work, both in epicness and complexity. Feeding thousands of people across the globe takes a lot of hands, but volunteering whether locally or abroad should never be thought of as free labor – it’s a …

Islam and Civic Engagement
Islam and Civic Engagement

For Muslims living in the West, questions concerning civic engagement with the broader society abound. Should we engage? If so, how should we engage? And what should be the basis of our engagement? Fortunately for us, Allah the Exalted has not left us without guidance on this issue.A careful examination of the Qur’an and Sunnah …

Being a Muslim Volunteer: Why & How
Being a Muslim Volunteer: Why & How

Done with the right intention and the appropriate manner, volunteerism and altruism brings about tremendous pleasure from our Creator. As Muslims we should see ourselves as world citizens. Our compassion and helparenot limited to Muslims or even humans only; we should care aboutall God’s creation. What does Islam say about volunteering? And why it is …

5 Types of Volunteerism
5 Types of Volunteerism

If you’re reading this, most probably you have recently finished exams and now enjoying your Summer break. Havingfree time is great of course! But, would you rather spend your summer doing something meaningful? Perhaps, by volunteering? Here are fivetypes of volunteerism you can think about!

The Benefits of Volunteering
The Benefits of Volunteering - About Islam

What are the benefits of volunteering? We have to set aside a time either once a month, once a year to help out others. We don’t have to volunteer under an Islamic banner either. We can go and volunteer anywhere. Excellent talk from Nouman Ali Khan. Volunteer Work: Adding Value to Your Life

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