Valentine’s Day: to Celebrate or Not to Celebrate?

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Valentine’s Day is back with its annual controversy: Should we- Muslims- or should we not celebrate it.

Those who go for its celebration, argue that it’s an occasion to celebrate love in its wide form. Our love for spouses as well as our love for families, relatives, friends, neighbors,…etc. And how can expressing noble emotions like love be haram?

 On the other hand, those who oppose celebrating Valentine’s Day argue that it’s a western non-Islamic tradition that is basically about celebrating love between unmarried couples, as we see around us. Moreover, it has a Christian origin, so, how can we celebrate such occasion of a religious significance?

Now, you are invited to share your views on this controversial issue:

Are you for or against celebrating Valentine’s Day? and Why?

If you are for it, what is the best way to celebrate it?

Do you think such occasions can be a threat to our Islamic heritage & Culture?

Please share your views and ideas through the comments box.