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Valentine’s Day: to Celebrate or Not to Celebrate?

Valentine’s Day is back with its annual controversy: Should we, Muslims, celebrate it or not?

Those who support its celebration argue that it is a time to celebrate love. Our love for spouses as well as our love for families, relatives, friends, neighbors,… And how can expressing noble emotions like love be haram?

On the other hand, those who oppose celebrating Valentine’s Day argue that it’s a western, non-Islamic tradition that is basically about celebrating love between unmarried couples, as we see around us.

Moreover, it has a Christian origin, so how can we celebrate such an occasion of religious significance?

We wanted to know your opinion, so we asked on social media:

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Are you for or against celebrating Valentine’s Day? and Why?

Here are some comments from our readers:

Actually we should stop giving it more value.. just ignore it.

So, I only converted three months ago. I’m also in a marriage which may be ending. This will be our first Valentines apart in ten years.So, I hear that it’s really a Christian holiday that it’s all secular. And I want to argue that if Christians are our fellow People of the Book, why not? But I’m mostly just terribly terribly lonely. Where in our discussion do we have space for that?

Muslims have just two occasion for celebration. Eid Al Fitr & Eid Al Adha. Any others are Tashabbuh of Mushrik and Kufar and Bidah. May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala Guide us on Hidayah. Ameen

I’m not against it but also I don’t celebrate it, as we don’t need a special day to express our love for people in our lives. It’s not mentioned in any Religion. It’s just people made thing.

It’s a pagan celebration. We are not pagan. Why would we want to celebrate a couple of people who committed adultery?

Its a worldwide celebration of an old pagan custom of lets say free mingling that was then joined to the story of a dude named Valentine who allegedly married templar knights against the church’s will. That’s all I know of.

I don’t celebrate it but I take advantage of the holiday by shopping after the day when everything related to Valentine’s gets marked down to 75% so my wife starts getting heart shape chocolate boxes a few days after Valentine’s ( gets marked down from $20 down to $ 2-4).

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day period. Love is celebrated on a daily basis with kind words, care, support, motivation etc.

It’s pagan roots, and the fact it’s all about consumerism these days is enough reason to forgo this holiday in my book. I only really ever cared about making sure my kids knew they were loved. I can do that any day if the week. In fact I gave them candy and stuffies a week ago with no mention of the holiday. I bet they won’t even realize it’s Valentine’s Day this year.

Nothing to worry about we or someone Celebrating Valentine’s day or not but we should worry the relationship (our or our brother, sister or children) i.e should legal and Islamic way.

There is nothing wrong to say “I love you” and give gifts to loved ones to make them happy. There is a Hadith that we actually should be affectionate towards our loved ones and give gifts. I am not celebrating a saint or whatever it was originated from.

I just make a day special (out of our busy schedule and busy life) for my husband, daughter and family to tell them they are important to me and I care about them very much. It is just making good memories. I know that Almighty Allah sw will not punish me for this. I don’t go over to commit “israaf” in any way.

Having said that, Happy Valentine’s Day to all scholars and everyone involved in About Islam, I extend my gratitude, respect and love to all of you for providing this accessibility to Muslims around the world!