Kids & Ramadan: Parents Asked, Counselors Answered

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With the holy month of Ramadan knocking the door, we would like to highlight some useful tips and answers by our counselors which fulfill several inquiries by Muslim parents about their kids and the holy month.

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What Is Ramadan All About, Mom? Ramadan

It is important for children to understand what Ramadan is all about and how it fits into the overall life of a Muslim. We strongly recommend that parents sit with their children and have a talk about Ramadan, now, in the last few days of Sha`ban…Continue




I Need Tips for Preparing My Kids for RamadanRamadan

Like you say, your child is not at the age yet where fasting is obligatory, but we know that training them years in advance will make it easier for them to fast in the future when it does become an obligation. It gives them the chance to not only know what to expect but also the chance to begin appreciating the things that Ramadan encourages…Continue




How to Get My Kids Away From Video Games In Ramadan?Kids & Ramadan: Parents Asked, Counselors Answered - About Islam

One option is to limit the time they spend on these activities daily. Imposing this restriction on them without an explanation may cause conflict so there are a few things to keep in mindwhen doing so. Firstly, explain to them why you want to reduce their time in these activities, i.e. to give more time to worship Allah during this holy month. Let them know that it’s not a punishment, but is for their own good… Continue 



In Ramadan, I Don’t Have Time for My KidsIn Ramadan, I Don't Have Time for My Kids

My advice to you is portion out 5 to 10 minutes each day to explain to them the uniqueness of Ramadan and why you are not available to them as much as usual. This is a great opportunity for you to do two things. God Forbid if anything happened to you and they were left without you—this period can teach them how to be without their mom. This is a very valuable lesson, indeed!…Continue



He Asked: “Why Do I Need to Fast in Ramadan?”He Asked: "Why Do I Need to Fast in Ramadan?"

There are many proofs in the health sciences too that fasting is very beneficial to our health. Teach him the wisdom of Allah (saw) in His order to fast.Respect your son’s right to know for himself why he has to do something and to determine what he does with his own body. He is only eight years old, but he is strong enough to stand up to you and tell you what he needs. Respect and build on that…Continue


How to Teach Kids Ramadan Isn’t Just About EatingKids Ramadan

Thank you for your question. It is a very poignant question for the age we are living in. It reminds me of an article I read last year about Ramadan in Egypt, and how the month was becoming a time of excessive eating (at night), sitting around doing nothing and watching TV… Continue 




Teenage Son Isolates Himself During RamadanTeenage Son Isolates Himself During Ramadan

Living in the West for Muslims can be challenging. The counselor, therefore, advises the mother to instill pride in her child about his religion and why he fasts. She further suggests that the mother makes him aware of the positive traits that fasting brings to Muslims. So when the son is questioned by his non-Muslim peers about Ramadan, he is confident enough and knows what to respond to them…Continue




Son Is Bullied at School in Ramadan: What Shall I Do?Kids & Ramadan: Parents Asked, Counselors Answered - About Islam

Raising children in a non-Muslim country comes with additional challenges to the usual challenges faced with being a parent. These are challenges you will face as a parent and as will your son also. Firstly, bullying is not acceptable and should be reported, especially since it is an ongoing issue. In this case, I would strongly suggest that you talk to his school about it…Continue 



Pregnant in Ramadan: To Fast or Not to Fast?Pregnant in Ramadan: To Fast or Not to Fast?

You have to figure out what you are capable of by trying. Then, figure out what you feel comfortable with in terms of the health of yourself and your baby, and your life. No other person can tell you what is right for you. It is what is called a “relative” choice: there is no “right” and “wrong” way to define it… Continue 


When Your Child Finds Ramadan PainfulRamadan

If your child is not yet of the age where fasting is obligatory, discussing the matter with the child and reaching a decision together on whether it is a good idea to send a snack or not would be recommended. Talking about how your child feels and what the child prefers is very important. Any decision should be based on your child’s physical abilities, age, and whether it is the first year to fast or not…Continue