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Marriage: Most Common Questions Muslim Youth Ask

Getting married is one of the major steps one would take in his life. It’s not easy to decide to spend your whole life with one person. It’s really a very strong commitment that needs deep thinking and an informed decision.

Here’s a list of common questions youth ask about marriage. So, If you’re considering marriage you might find this list of questions helpful Insha-Allah.

If you still have questions, please submit them to our Ask The Counselor section.

1. She Has a Sinful Past; Shall I Marry Her?

My girl has a sinful past, shall I leave her or start together a new life as a Muslim couple?

2. How Can I Tell My Parents I’m in Love?

I am shy to tell them that I am in love. Should I have told one of my siblings that I am in love? 

3. I Dislike Getting Married; I Don’t Want to Compromise

 I feel like marriage is a dead end. I might enjoy it at first, but then I will get tired of it.

4. A non-Muslim Guy Wants to Marry Me

 I do not know how to introduce him to my parents but he wishes to convert when he meets them. 

5.  I Love My Cousin But Afraid to Talk to My Parents

How shall I get this fear out of me and speak to my parents about my marriage?

Marriage: Most Common Questions Muslim Youth Ask - About Islam

6. Shall I Wait Years for a Guy to Marry Me?

He wants me to wait for him 5 years as he cannot talk to my father now without having a job. 

7. I Want to Marry This Guy, but My Parents Don’t Take Him Serious

He came with his father to my dad to ask for my hand. But my parents take it as a joke

8. Want to Get Married, but We’re Still in College

I’m stuck with keeping it secret or opening it up to our parents. 

9. Afraid of Marriage First Night

Having intercourse with my wife on the first night makes me have the feeling that I am committing zina.

Marriage: Most Common Questions Muslim Youth Ask - About Islam

10. 7 Tips For Overcoming Your Fear Around Sex

I am really confused about my marriage because the thought of someone even touching me haunts me badly. 

11. I Got a Marriage Proposal While I’m Studying; What to Do?

I hope to like the guy, but I want to continue my education as well.

12. I Met Someone Online & Want to Marry Him

I don’t know how to tell my father that I am talking to this guy online because he won’t understand or may not accept it. 

13. I Like a Non-Practicing Muslim: Shall I Marry Her?

 How can I help her to become a practicing Muslim? 


14.  Increasing Sexual Drive Before the Wedding Night

I feel a bit confused and nervous now about how I will act with my wife on the marriage night and afterwards.

15. I’m Jobless, but Need to Get Married

 How can I protect myself from falling into sinful actions?

16. I Need a Partner, But I’m Still in College

I really need that emotional support which can only be achieved through a partner. 

Marriage: Most Common Questions Muslim Youth Ask - About Islam

If you still have questions, you can submit them to our Ask The Counselor section, even anonymously.

First published: January 2019