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Hajj on Horseback: From Spain to Makkah

“Call ˹all˺ people to the pilgrimage.1 They will come to you on foot and on every lean camel from every distant path” (Quran 22:27)

Abdallah Hernandez Mancha, a Spanish convert, had a promise: to arrive from South Spain to Makkah on horseback. 

His dream is about to come true. A group of six Spanish Muslims prepares to go on hajj by riding on horses. 

They aim to revive the traditional route in a caravan from the historical Al-Andalus until Makkah. 

For them, the real hajj is more than just arriving at the sacred final destination; it is meant to be a life-changing experience for the pilgrims.

Join them on their incredible journey and support the initiative.

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The  video and trailer contain images from their first trip across Spain, the land of ancient Al-Andaluz, a 700km-long preparation trip in 2021.

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