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18 Popular Questions Asked by Teens

Your parents say one thing. Your friends say another. But what does Islam say regarding relationships, crushes and other issues facing teens today?

Many people write to us with questions that perhaps they wouldn’t be too comfy asking mom, the sheikh or even their bestie.

We’ve compiled a list of questions we get asked on a regular basis. Maybe a question that you’ve been wondering about is on here. Check to find out.

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1. Why Can’t I Be Just Friends with the Opposite Gender?

What is the harm in hanging around in a mixed group of guys and girls?

18 Popular Questions Asked by Teens - About Islam

2Smiling Decently at Opposite Gender to Avoid Rudeness OK?

If I don’t smile I seem rude.

3. Moving to University & Dealing with Opposite Gender… Tips for Easy Transition

Leaving home for college has its challenges both on a spiritual, emotional and social level.

4. How Much Can I Socialize with Opposite Gender Without Sinning?

Dr. Yasir Qadhi breaks it down with a 1-minute answer.

18 Popular Questions Asked by Teens - About Islam

5. Physical Contact Between Friends of Opposite Sex: Why Not?

My friend doesn’t see a problem with having friends that are girls.

6. Why Can’t a Muslim Girl Have a Boyfriend?

I don’t see the harm of being in love and in a relationship.

7. Counselors’ Tips on How to End Haram Relationships

I have already wasted my time over a guy, and now I want to focus on my career.

18 Popular Questions Asked by Teens - About Islam

8. Clarifying the Boundaries for Same Gender Relationships

How to deal with same sex relatonships and gender issues from an Islamic point of view.

9.Changing One’s Gender: Allowed?

What about transgender ideology and the idea of changing one’s gender?

10. I Feel Suicidal for Hugging My Boyfriend

We both were fasting but we hugged each other. My boyfriend had an orgasm.

11. A High School Student: I Want to Marry My Teacher

My teacher is 13 years older than me but she said she’d be open for marriage.

12. Muslims Visiting Chat Rooms: Any Advice?

11 tips to remember when in chat rooms.

13. 10 Useful Strategies That Help You Quit Porn

Watching porn is a common problem for men and women. It can become addicting.

14. Struggling with Addiction…

The more porn you watch, the harder it is to be aroused by a real woman.

15. Arranged Marriage: Out of Date or Best Option?

Nina found the perfect man to marry, her parents weren’t having it.

16. Why Can’t a Muslim Woman Marry a Non-Muslim Man?

A Muslim man can marry a Muslim, Christian or Jewish woman but a Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man, why?

17. A Muslim Man and a Non-Muslim Woman: What to Do?

Ahmad fell in love with a Christian woman. But he’s not sure he is ready for marriage. What steps should he take?

18. Online Dating and Halal Matchmaking

18 Popular Questions Asked by Teens - About Islam

Thanks to the Internet, we are not limited to finding the right one in the neighborhood. What about online matchmaking for Muslims?