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15+ Common Questions on Interactions with Opposite Gender

Islam and Muslims get a bad rap for some of our views and practices on gender interactions and segregation, but is it really all that bad? Of course not!

Islamic practices on gender interactions should be balanced and can be very healthy. We just have to learn about our religion.

Here are some of our most popular questions about interactions with the opposite gender:

This Gender Segregation Stuff

1 – Gender Segregation, How Far Should it Go?

Do Muslims take gender segregation too far? How far should gender segregation be taken? What did the Prophet say about this and how did he practice it?

Also, Video – How Far Should Gender Segregation Go?

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2 –Gender Interactions… Are We Too Strict? (Video too!)

There is no doubt that this is one of the most difficult issues to navigate in the modern workforce!

15 + Popular Questions About Interactions With The Opposite Gender

Big Problems

3 – Why Can’t I Be Just Friends with Opposite Gender?

They say it is just friendship and there should not be restrictions prohibiting them from hanging out or just being friends with the opposite gender…

4 – Is It Haram To Have Facebook Friends Of The Other Gender?

Of course there are pros and cons to this…

5 – Hate That You Can’t Date?

Why is dating haram? … No, like WHY? Why I can’t date?

15 + Popular Questions About Interactions With The Opposite Gender

Worst Problems

6 – Husband Flirts with Other Women: What to Do?

My self-respect and confidence are at an all-time low.

Read this one too.

7 – What To Do About Sexual Harassment Among Muslims?

Muslim women (and men) around the world are speaking up about their experiences being sexually harassed, molested, and abused.

Read this also.

8 – Husband Forces Me to Work in an un-Islamic Environment

I almost cry daily that I have to work in this environment…

15 + Popular Questions About Interactions With The Opposite Gender

The Good News

9 – “Dating”: What Does This Mean to You?

The word “dating” stirs a lot of controversy among Muslims, but can and should we work with this term to suit a Muslim-American context and facilitate a larger conversation on gender relations?

10 – Is Smiling Decently at Opposite Gender to Avoid Rudeness Okay?

If I don’t smile I seem rude especially if I am greeted…

11 – How Did Mixed-Gender Interactions Work in The Prophet’s Time Versus Today?

Many make the argument that hijab and segregation work towards a common end: to prevent weak, lustful men from preying after beautiful women. Yet a brief look at both hijab and the concept of segregation at the time of the prophet (PBUH) paints a very different picture…

15 + Popular Questions About Interactions With The Opposite Gender

12 – How Much Can I Socialize with Opposite Gender Without Sinning? (Video!)

This is a question asked by MANY Muslims…

13 – Tips for Dealing With Opposite Gender When Living on Campus

It didn’t make sense to turn my head and completely ignore colleagues in workshops at college and later in the workforce…

14 – Do Muslims Fall in Love before Marriage?

“After I told the girl that it isn’t sinful to be attracted to boys, the girl’s eyes widened…”

15 – What Are Healthy Gender Relations?

The general and comprehensive rule in Islam is justice. All people are to be treated justly without any differentiation due to sex, color, race, etc…

We hope this collection helps you create healthy relationships with people of the opposite gender in all circumstances.