Spine Friendly Cardio & Core Exercise – with Your Pillow! (video)

This month, I have some especially fun exercise for you. You will need only one piece of equipment – your pillow!

This is why I love functional training so much; it trains your muscles to work together, prepares them for daily tasks, and its exercises can be so creative and fun. You can use equipment such as TRX, kettlebell, rope, bands, fitballs, your body weight, or basically anything your creativity tells you to try out! I sometimes have my clients train with eggs.

So grab your pillow. I have prepared for you 3 exercises of cardio and 4 exercises of core strengthening. You will find it so much fun, inshallah!

My first and foremost principal as a personal and group fitness trainer is prevention and safety. This is why all the exercises you find in the video are safe, inshallah. If you are not sure whether you can do these exercises, or whether you do them in the correct way, please email me any time! 

Warm up well before and stretch at the end. 

For the cardio exercises, if you do not wish to jump (because you are overweight, your fitness level is still not there, or any other reason), just step and tap. 

Jumping is great, it is part of our natural movements as a human, but no joke for modern people who live their life sitting for the most part. If you have neglected your core muscles, then your joints and your back are in danger if you just start jogging, and jumping around. 

This is why I help you train your core in the second part. You core includes everything around your pelvis: your abs, lower back, glutes, and even your tight muscles. No crunches, no sit ups (ever, please!) I want to save you from a hernia and injury. 

Here are some much better moves that strengthen and train your core muscles. 

Enjoy your training and let us know how you liked it!

About Timea Aya Csányi
Timea Aya Csányi pursues her BSc. degree in Psychology and Islamic Studies at the Islamic Online University. She is a certified NLP® Practitioner, one of our writers and counselors at the "Ask the Counselor" section. She works as a fitness trainer who is specialized in the spine and functional training. She is advocates for gaining self-love and confidence through exercising. If you are a Muslimah who seeks spine-friendly online training with a PT, you can reach out to Timea at [email protected]