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Last Days of Ramadan: 8 Tips to Increase Motivation

With the month of Ramadan drawing to a close, there is still time to maximize the blessings of the holy month. 

Here are 8 tips to help increase your motivation for these last 10 days. Keep going, you’ve got this!

1 – Plan

Ramadan planners are gamechangers. If you filled one in, keep it by your prayer rug and get it done! If a Ramadan planner is a new concept to you, plan the basics you need for these last days: 

  • Who and what are you praying for (keep in mind you are aiming for the night of power)? 
  • What acts of ibadah do you want to do? 
  • What are your intentions for the next year?
  • What charitable acts do you still want to perform?

2 – Eat Well

Most of us are completely over all the special treats we have been eating these last three weeks.

Last Days of Ramadan: 8 Tips to Increase Motivation - About Islam

Don’t dip too far in the other direction; keep eating healthy foods (quality protein and whole carbohydrates) and drinking plenty of water to keep your energy up for the final stretch.

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“When the fasting person breaks his fast, his supplication is not turned back.” The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as narrated by ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr bin (Sunan Ibn Majah).

3 – Increase Dua

Increase dua, especially when you break your fast. Pause and make sincere dua to Allah.

This is a great opportunity to be heard and answered. Ask for forgiveness during this time.

4 – Exercise, Even If It’s Just a Little

If you haven’t been exercising all Ramadan, now is the time to really boost your circulation and energy.

Even simple yoga-like stretches will make you feel better and improve your cognitive functioning. Feeling better will help you worship better.

5 – Continue to Practice Gratitude

This Ramadan has had especially unique challenges. No doubt, we have all lost our patience at times.

Now is a time to refocus and show your gratitude for the many blessings you have in your life. Thank Allah for specific things you are grateful for.

6 – Buddy up Prayers

Pray with other family members, especially Tarawih prayers. Either take turns leading or just pray separately in the same room.

Either way, it will give you a lift to keep doing your Tarawih prayers while increasing your feelings of peace and barakah.

7 – Dhikr, Dhikr, Dhikr

After saying “Bismillah” before beginning every task, saying dhikr is one of the easiest deeds to perform. Do it at all times.

Last Days of Ramadan: 8 Tips to Increase Motivation - About Islam

8 – No Regrets

These are the last few days of the great month of Ramadan. Perhaps, this is your last Ramadan ever.

Now is not the time to be regretful and dwell on what you haven’t accomplished.

Push yourself to finish strong and reap as much barakah as you can. You can catch your breath at Eid.

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