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Exercise Tips to Improve Your Posture and Self Confidence (Video)

How do you recognize confident people? They have charisma.

They are experts in a particular field and know what they do and what they say.

They speak with passion, and they speak with their body posture. Even their walking reflects their confidence. 

However, you can flip the process.

If you train your posture first, you will eventually feel confident, and others will recognize your boosted self-esteem. 

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Having a healthy body posture requires much more than just “stand still!”, and “pull yourself out!

Forget about crunches and sit-ups as well. They will not help you either, unless you want some “nice” hernias in your back.

What you will need for a good posture, and thus for your confidence, are:

Mobility – This means your joints can move freely. Mobility enables smooth movement through all ranges of motion for each movable joint.

Stability – This means your nervous system is well trained to know when to activate which muscle. This is not as obvious as it sounds.

Correct movement patterns – Your body is not only strong enough but also knows how to correctly “execute tasks” that you often do, such as squatting, walking, running, or pulling something towards or away from you. 

The exercises you will find in my video are dedicated to training your muscles and making you have better posture.

Say good-bye to back pain, inshallah; feel stronger and better in your body during your daily tasks; and enhance your endurance during your cardio exercises. 

These exercises are mainly core-strengthening and stability exercises. Please contact me if you are not sure whether you can do these exercises or whether you are doing them correctly. 

More excercise:

About Timea Aya Csányi
Timea Aya Csányi studied Psychology and Islamic Studies Bsc. at the International Online University. She is a certified NLP® Practitioner, one of our writers and counselors at the "Ask the Counselor" section. She has been the editor of the "Ask the Counselor" section for 10 years. Now she mainly works as a fitness trainer and journalist.