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All the Best Stress Relieving Tips We Learned in 2020

2021 is starting off in a familiar way. The new strand of Coronavirus is interrupting our regular lives again. Loved ones are still getting sick and even dying (Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un) from the last version.

It doesn’t seem like any stress relieving will happen all on it’s own. So we too may just get worse this year. Unless… we use some of those best stress busting tips we learned in 2020.

We now have a lot tools on hand, even if you haven’t actually used them yet. Here they are for you to sample. Find ones that become your favorites, adding new ones in for variety. Stress relief is incredibly enjoyable and life-saving necessary. Enjoy!

Movement – Get it regularly

Many of us discovered new and forgotten beloved old ways to move our bodies in 2020. Movement lifts our spirits and makes us healthier. And being indoors so much helped us to find some instantly, easy movement to do without equipment and other expenses. Collectively we have tried:

  • Dancing
  • HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training
  • Yoga
  • Martial Arts/Kickboxing
  • Using our stairs – fast or slow

And if you can get out doors: hiking, cycling, long walks, swimming… just about any activity that can be done with social distancing. Move regularly for consistent stress relief.

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Intimacy – All Kinds!

Sexual intimacy is a proven stress reliever, and maybe there will be a baby boom in 2021 to reinforce that truth. But there are other was of being intimate, of course, in all kinds of relationships. Many young people came to dread social media and text chatting in 2020. Instead some started actually calling or video calling.

Direct communication via voice and/or visuals is much more intimate that text and we really appreciated those talks in 2020! Keep practicing quality communication in 2021. And check out these different types of intimacy.

Quality Internet Usage

While many came to dread social media, we also loathed media (the news!) in general, and even lost our joy in binge watching for stress relief. Maybe we’ve hit the peak of infatuation with having so much information and entertainment at our fingertips. We now really know what is feels like to be addicted to the internet, because we are.

Quality over quantity is the best way to use the internet. Create some rules for yourself about how you can use the internet in the least stressful way. And please stop counting your likes.

Be of Service to Others

It was actually a little hard to be of service to others in 2020. We were all scared of getting too close to each other or anything that might have germs stuck to it! Still, we donated money and did other little things when we could.

If you already regularly volunteered before and lost that opportunity due to Coronavirus issues, then you likely miss those good feelings you get from serving others.

A regular commitment to feeling good by making others feel good isn’t necessary. You can do it when ever the opportunity strikes. Here are 35 Acts of Kindness in 5 Minutes or Less that you can do almost anytime.

Do Some Self-Help

You have flaws. It’s hard to face them, but easier to fix them once you do. Some of us did a deep dive into fixing our internal problems during the quarantines. We used YouTube videos, self-help books and articles, journaling and meditation. You need to be balanced in your approach here. Be gentle with yourself. If self-discovery is stressing you out, then it’s not a stress reliever!

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