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8 Tips to Make This Ramadan the Best Ever

Ramadan during the coronavirus pandemic is coming with unique challenges. Lockdown, quarantine, social-distancing, sick family and anxiety over Ramadan in such situation are exceptional concerns for most of us

Yet there are normal Ramadan habits we will still follow. But what can we do to improve it?

We asked our audience to share their tips on how they’d make this Ramadan the best Ramadan ever. Here are some nice ideas they shared!

1 – “Make it a habit to wake up before suhur and pray some units. Your night becomes more blessed and your day becomes full of barakah.” Fouzia

2 – “Focus on small actions you can do daily and consistently. Don’t worry over huge goals.” Olivia

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3 – “Join an online community, especially something related to Qur’an.” Adil

Readers Tips for How to Make This Ramadan the Best Ever
A good online community can help boost your ibadah with support, ideas and accountability.

4 – “Everyone has an opinion on the way “to do” Ramadan. But remember it’s your own spiritual journey. Don’t let other opinions cloud your experience.” Amanda of

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5 – “Be present and go back to the basics.” Sumayah Hassan of

6 – “A group of our friends and my family will break our fast virtually on Fridays. Also our whole family got together and made a Ramadan schedule and added a target to it (how many nawafil we want to perform, how much Qur’an we will read, etc).

The tip is take things positively, and be organized. How would you live it if this was your last Ramadan? Previously, we had to worry about the kids’ school, going to work, etc. Now we can organize our time and still accomplish much more especially if we tell ourselves what if this is my last Ramadan.” Umber

Editor Brooke Benoit plans to do Ramadan meals her own way with delightful finger food and cheese board spreads.
Editor Brooke Benoit plans to do Ramadan meals her own way with delightful finger food and cheese board spreads.

7 – “I plan to make Eid especially memorable and will have to work towards it during the month. I am hand making personalized gifts for my children. I’m hoping they will be mementos for a lifetime.” Brooke of

8 – “Skip the serials and catch inspiring sermons on Youtube or elsewhere. If you need some distraction, consider documentaries. They will inform you and are less likely to have haram content.” Anonymous