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4 Tips on Boosting Energy Levels in Ramadan With Exercise

You’ve judged exercise incorrectly.

Yes, it is Ramadan, where every minute counts. Your energy level is down; you’re thirsty, hungry, and super busy, so the last thing you wish to do is exercise.

However, if you follow my tips, I guarantee you will actually feel more energetic. 

I am not saying this just because I am a fitness and spine trainer. I had many Ramadans with very low energy and the same thoughts: I needed to sacrifice my workouts so I had more time to worship Allah this month. 

Then I read about intermittent fasting and how athletes report having increased levels of energy when doing it.

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Intermittent fasting is basically Ramadan fasting level 1.

I then remembered that the battle of Badr, the opening of Al-Andalus, and many other significant battles in Muslim history happened during Ramadan! Unbelievable, Subhanallah! 

I came to the realization that we modern-day Muslims must be doing something wrong.

I started experimenting with how to workout efficiently in Ramadan—and I got it.

Not only me, but my Muslim trainees also got the sweet taste of exercising while fasting—some of them had never worked out before during Ramadan. 

4 times a week, they would do approximately 60 minutes of spine training and functional training. 

4 Tips on Boosting Energy Levels in Ramadan With Exercise - About Islam

I normally spend at least one hour daily working out, and I often run 6 kilometers in 40 minutes (not my top result, but this is not my aim either).

You do not need to do this much. Of course, sleeping enough, lowering stress levels, and many other things are necessary to feel energized during Ramadan.

However, I firmly believe exercising in Ramadan not only helps you with the symptoms of inactivity, such as back pain, but it will also make you feel more energetic and focused in your worship. If you work out the right way.

As a fitness and preventive spine trainer, here are my 4 best tips for you to boost your energy level in Ramadan with exercise.

1. Break your thought barriers

Your thoughts shape your reality. If you believe you cannot do it, you will not do it. Change your attitude in the beginning, and you will enjoy the end. Give it a chance!

2. Eat nutritious food

I won’t bore you with mantras on the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I won’t judge you if you continue following your tradition of cooking 4-5 main dishes with desserts dipped in sugar syrup.

4 Tips on Boosting Energy Levels in Ramadan With Exercise - About Islam

I will just quote three things from sources you value the most:

 “Eat and drink, but not excessively” – Quran 7:31

“The children of Adam fill no container worse than the way in which they fill their stomachs.” (Tirmidhi; An Nasai)

“There are two gifts which many men are unmindful about – good health and leisure.” (Bukhari)

Or should I say “you are what you eat”?

If you eat meals that fulfill the needs of your body (and not your desires), it will function properly. If not, it won’t. It is as simple as that.

3. Exercise right before iftar

I found exercising just before iftar is best. Although you might get thirsty after, since it’s right before iftar, you don’t need to wait long for water.

During the evening, I would prefer to let my stomach digest and be happy with the new “dose” of nutrition while I enjoy worshipping Allah with full focus. 

So, prepare dinner in advance and exercise in the last hour before iftar. 

4. Choose an exercise according to your fitness level

Ramadan is not the time to get in shape, build muscles, or run your first half-marathon (unless you are an athlete preparing for a competition).

A Ramadan workout is more about casual physical activity; moving to avoid back pain, lubricate your joints, and fulfill the basic human need as our body was built to move.

Choose something that motivates you and do it according to your daily fitness level.

If you feel more energetic, go running or do a whole 60-minute workout. Or just do 20 minutes of walking around your house. 

Bonus Tip: Exercise with others

Exercising with others is more fun, and it increases the bond with your family and friends—which is one of the many benefits of Ramadan (of course without compromising some necessary health protocols).

Call your friends to ride the bicycle for 30 minutes. Do online training together. 

Your children also need physical activity. Play some football together in the garden or work out in the living room.

You are the trainer and they are the trainees, or the opposite 😀 It should be so much fun! 

What is your favorite physical activity? Do you do it during Ramadan as well?

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About Timea Aya Csányi
Timea Aya Csányi studied Psychology and Islamic Studies Bsc. at the International Online University. She is a certified NLP® Practitioner, one of our writers and counselors at the "Ask the Counselor" section. She has been the editor of the "Ask the Counselor" section for 10 years. Now she mainly works as a fitness trainer and journalist.