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4 Reasons Your Spirituality Benefits From Active Lifestyle

When we take a brisk walk, run a few miles, or even take a few laps around the pool, we immediately feel what movement does for us.

We feel a change in our breathing. Our hearts start beating faster. And we can feel the blood pumping through our system.

Afterwards, those endorphins kick in and we feel less stressed, more energized, and happy. We feel ready to tackle the world.

4  Reasons Your Spirituality Benefits From Active Lifestyle - About Islam

While these are the worthwhile factors to start a regular exercise routine, often the spiritual benefits are ignored.

Muslim women especially face pressure to balance their work, family, and spiritual needs. Even women who are not employed still have their plates full with very little time for themselves.

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More often than not, people are hanging by a thread, trying to pack as much as they can into 24 hours.

But what if there was a secret ingredient that could help us in all aspects of our life, most importantly in our worship and having the mental clarity and energy to increase our spirituality?

These women know the secret…

Fitness trainer Uns on her @Unskfit Instagram page says,

“For me exercise is more for my mental health. By improving your mental health, you start to realize things and deeply reflect on them.

I often find myself asking: “Who created this? How did this thing come to exist?”

And it all leads back to one answer found in the Quran, Allah. So, yes, it definitely helps us spiritually because it wakes you up and helps you reflect on the reality of life.”

Here are four reasons why exercise can help you spiritually:

1 – Less Fatigue Means Doing More

Exercise increases our energy levels and leaves us feeling less exhausted. It also helps us to sleep better, which, as we know, is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Before starting my own exercise routine, I went to bed exhausted and woke up still tired.

Getting up for Fajr was a struggle, and I would rush through my wudu and salaah so I could return back to my bed quickly.

4  Reasons Your Spirituality Benefits From Active Lifestyle - About Islam

It was a never ending cycle of exhaustion which inevitably did not help me to be more productive.

Now I wake up for Fajr, feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my day.

Because exercise promotes better sleep, I don’t wake up still feeling tired. I also now have the energy to add more to my morning routine.

So I have incorporated reading my Qur’an every single morning after my Fajr prayers. This helps to anchor the rest of my day and helps me find the direction and strength I need to tackle chores, work, and the kids.

Completing the Qur’an every few weeks makes me feel that I have a stronger relationship with the Book of Allah.

It was something I failed at before. This would undoubtedly not have happened had I not included exercise in my day.

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