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Top 5 Muslim Stories of 2017

Throughout the year 2017, there were many challenges facing Muslims. However,  stories of Muslims have inspired many around the world to do good and it showed us the true meaning of Islam through acts of kindness.

These stories were chosen because of their impact on social media and their inspirational value.

Muslim Man Breaks Up Street Fight

Ibn Ali Miller spotted two boys getting into a fight and immediately intervened. In this incredible act of selflessness, he shows those young boys the reality of their situation. He tells them that they are almost men, and says that their friends who were recording and laughing were cowards. A life lesson they will now never forget after the video went viral.

An act of forgiveness like no other

An emotional story about a Muslim father whose son was killed in a robbery. The father forgave and hugged his son’s killer in the middle of the courtroom after a guilty verdict was given. Abdul-Munim Sombat Jimtoud hugged the man who was sentenced for being complicit in his son’s murder, saying that forgiveness is “the greatest act of charity in Islam”.