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Ramadan Charity Campaigns: Take Part

Ramadan is a month of joy and blessings. It is also the month of giving and caring for those struggling with poverty and those facing dire living conditions.

Here, we connect you with a selection of the fundraising appeals conducted by well-known organizations taking place during Ramadan.

Remember! “The best charity is that given in Ramadan.” [At-Tirmithi].

Islamic Relief

This Ramadan, our teams around the world will be delivering more than 200,000 food parcels to the most disadvantaged communities in 35 countries.

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Our annual Ramadan campaign enables people to share the joys and blessings of the holy month with families across the globe. The donations we received last year alone allowed us to distribute over 240,000 food packs to 1.3 million people in 35 countries.

The support of our donors around the world is vital, allowing us to reach communities in need who might otherwise be forgotten.

Ramadan Charity Campaigns: Take Part - About Islam
Ramadan Charity Campaigns: Take Part - About Islam

Muslim Hands

Give more, Gain more

Last Ramadan, through your donations, we fed over 950,000 people in need. We held community iftars, distributed family food parcels and delivered staples such as rice and flour in over 40 countries to help families in dire need of food.

This Ramadan we’re hoping to reach even more vulnerable people so why not share your iftar with hungry families and spread the blessings of the holy month?

Ramadan Charity Campaigns: Take Part - About Islam

Muslim Aid 


This Ramadan, your support will enable us to reach those living in extreme poverty, drought, war and conflict. By donating a food pack, you can ensure that some of the world’s neediest people have a nourishing Iftar and Suhur meal each day.

£60 can provide a family with a Food Pack containing a whole month’s supply of food essentials. Families can look forward to a selection of items, including rice, eggs, tea, and beans, just to name a few.

Together let’s make this Ramadan the best one yet.

Make it count.

Ramadan Charity Campaigns: Take Part - About Islam