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This Man Is Erasing Hate & Racism from the Streets of Montreal

One day Corey Fleischer drove past hateful graffiti in Montreal on his way to work. 90 minutes later, he was compelled to return to erase it. He hasn’t stopped since, and inspires people to erase hate throughout Canada.

He started off with a power washer and some soap to erase hate speech graffiti around the city. Afterwards, he launched a movement to erase hate and he has been doing this for 5 years.

Fleischer says he got addicted to the feeling of removing hate speech.

Eventually, people around Montreal caught on and would contact him with information about other spots that needed removal.

Fleischer describes his movement as follows:

#ErasingHate is the first movement of its kind that targets, locates and eliminates Hate Speech graffiti anywhere in the world.. Free Of Charge!!!

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