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Story of the Man Who Used to Plant a Tree Every Day

Known by his community as “tree samad”, Abdul Samad Sheikh, a rickshaw-puller, has made planting trees his lifetime mission since he was 12.

The Bangladeshi Man Who Planted a Tree Everyday of His Life

An unbelievable story of man's love for nature.

Posted by Togbog on Sunday, 28 July 2019


Planting Trees

For more than 48 years, the Bangladeshi man has been planting at least one tree every day.

During this period of time, the nature lover  planted more than 17,000 trees, which is enough to make a forest. He planted trees in government-owned land, so no one can cut them.

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With whatever income he made every day by rickshaw pulling, Sheikh, who used to live with his family in two small huts,  paid for all the expense of his family and bought at least one tree.

The old man was honored by The Daily Star, Bangladesh’s largest English-language newspaper, for his efforts to save nature. The award helped him build a better home for his family.

He died at the age of 60 after being diagnosed with a tumor in his liver.