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This September, Send a Child Back to School (Appeal)

As summer holidays draw to a close, millions of children and their parents around the world are preparing for a new academic year.

For many children, however, attending school is an experience they may never have, either due to extreme poverty, war or the effects of devastating natural disasters.

Unfortunately, over 260 million children globally still do not have access to education. Many are still unable to have the basic school supplies that they need.

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For those children, who cannot afford a school uniform or stationary and supplies, the gift of education is simply out of reach. By donating today, you can help thousands of children around the world who are desperate to learn and achieve.

You can be a sponsor or give your donations to a variety of excellent campaigns through the below Muslim and international organizations.

ICNA Relief

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ICNA Relief has stepped up to the challenge – Since 2009, from July to September, the organization and its many divisions/branches have worked together to launch the Back-2-School Giveaway Program, where school backpacks filled with basic school supplies are given to children residing in low-income areas.

Be a Sponsor

Muslim Aid 

 Your donations could provide a child with:

£25 School Uniform – Shirt, jumper, pair of trousers and shoes.

£60 School Pack Bundle – School Bag, textbooks and stationery items.

£100 School Renovation – Classroom furniture and equipment, washrooms and safe drinking water.

Send a child Back to School with Muslim Aid

Call 020 7377 4200 or donate now.

United Muslim Relief

Your contribution provides a child with a backpack and school supplies such as pencils, crayons, rulers and erasers.

Donate Today


Thanks to the steadfast support from its donors and partners, UNRWA today opened its school doors and 526,000 Palestine refugee kids across the Middle East, like children all over the world, can look forward to going back to school to learn, explore and have fun with their friends, in spite of the challenges many of them face in an uncertain environment. Perhaps more than others, they are aware that this is their passport to the future lived in dignity, safety and security.

Support UNRWA