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Remembering the Hungry in Ramadan (Help Now)

As Muslims around the globe observe Ramadan, hundreds of thousands of families in the Horn of Africa face a growing risk of mass deaths from starvation due to a disastrous combination of droughts, and entrenched conflict.

While families share Ramadan blessings with their loved ones, millions continue to live in the region in unbearable circumstances; days passing with no food to break their Ramadan fast.

2.9 Million are at risk of famine in Somalia.

1 Million are now on the brink of famine in South Sudan.

360,000  Children under 5 are acutely malnourished in Somalia.

270,000 Children are acutely malnourished in South Sudan.

During the holy month, UNHCR is scaling up and will continue to deliver emergency nutrition, medical aid, clean water, and protection to displaced families in the most affected areas – but they are facing severe funding shortfalls and they can’t do this alone.


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Children and families need your help during Ramadan to survive another day!

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