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Purple Impression, Fashion with a Human Touch

This clothing brand is the first Muslim ethical and sustainable brand. They’re called Purple Impression and they dedicated their brand to meaningful fashion.

Fashion is the second most polluting industry after oil. And it’s also the most exploitive when it comes to worker’s rights,taking the lives of 1,134 people in 2013.

That’s why Purple Impression works directly with their women artisans. They believe employment and fair trade is the key to lift women out of poverty. They are the first Muslim brand to offer a certified organic cotton modest collection.

This clothing brand is the first Muslim ethical and sustainable brand.

Do you think about where you buy your clothes?

Posted by Mvslim on Saturday, 14 April 2018

Preserving the Environment

Headed by a sister duo Afshan Khan and Drakshan Khan, Purple Impression was listed in 2016 as one of 35 ethical and fair trade brands in the West by Good Trade Magazine, and has since been creating a stir amongst the modest fashion industry.

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The ethical clothing brand attempts to preserve the traditional art of hand embroidery from Multan in Pakistan whilst ensuring fair wages and employment for the women involved. It also promises sustainability by using eco fabrics and zero waste manufacturing techniques.

Empowering Pakistani Women

The designing and patterning process takes place in California. Their Pakistani artisans then bring the garment to life with their skills of hand embroidery working out of their homes.

It is very traditional for women in Pakistan to be confined to their homes. According to a staggering statistic from 2008, only 21.8% of women are employed in Pakistan. Drakshan and Afshan have literally brought employment to the doorstep of these Pakistani women who hand embroider Purple Impression’s Ethical Stitch line from their homes.

By giving these women a means to make an income Purple Impressions restores a little bit of their power in the household while providing a means to help support their families.


Purple Impression, Fashion with a Human Touch - About Islam

(Photo courtesy: Purple Impression)

Let’s hope that more brands follow in their footsteps.