North American Khalil Center Leads Healing Process After New Zealand Attacks

A psychological and spiritual community wellness center, Khalil Center is prepared to aid Muslims and their communities in processing the trauma of the New Zealand terrorist attacks.

Across the globe, Muslims are feeling the impact and mourning the tragic killing of 49 Muslims in the terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Young Muslims will especially have emotions to deal with regarding the murders, the media coverage of the events and the ensuing increase in Islamophobia the attacks will embolden. It is imperative that individuals and families find healthy outlets to discuss their feelings during this time.

Among the Muslim organizations equipped to facilitate spaces to discuss these emotions is the Khalil Center of North America. With locations in Toronto, California and Illinois, Khalil Centers offer professional counselling services to individuals, couples and families as well as a variety of support groups. They are especially supportive of young Muslims and the unique challenges they face in North America.

In the following North American cities Khalil Center will begin offering “Healing Together” support groups this weekend to specifically process the trauma caused by the Christchurch attacks:

North American Khalil Center Leads Healing Process After New Zealand Attacks - About Islam


For more information visit Khalil Center’s Facebook pages:

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