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Muslim NGOs Changing the Lives of Orphan Children

Sponsoring an orphan is one of the greatest deeds that Allah (SWT) and His messenger emphasized. Immense rewards have been guaranteed for those who sponsor orphan children in need.

Sahl ibn Sa’d reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Myself and the caretaker of an orphan will be in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together. (Sahih al-Bukhari)

200 Million Orphan Children in the world

According to UNICEF, there are approximately 140 million orphans in  the world who lost one or both parents and who are looking for someone to care for them. Those orphans deserve to live an honorable and healthy life away from hunger and malnutrition.

Every two seconds a child becomes orphan

The sad reality is that 99% of orphan children will never become adopted.

1.2 million trafficked children each year

Child labour and sexual exploitation are common reasons for trafficking. 

 Muslim NGOs

Here comes the role of NGOs, which play a vital role in changing the lives of vulnerable children in some of the most deprived communities to grow up in a healthy atmosphere.

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Muslim NGOs are doing great job helping children receive an education, food, healthcare and medical support.

We provide you with a list of trusted NGOs that can help you change the lives of orphans and get immense rewards.

Muslim Hands

Muslim Hands supports close to 11,000 orphans in 18 countries. With over 20 years of experience in caring for orphans, their sponsorship programs cover all aspects of a child’s well-being.

Muslim Aid

Their Rainbow Family program has been running since 2007 in countries around the world, facilitating sponsorship of thousands of children.

Your child sponsorship donation can provide:

  • Food and basic nutrition
  • Clothing and school uniforms
  • School books and enrolment
  • Counselling and support

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Islamic Relief UK

Islamic Relief already supports over 57,000 orphans around the world.

Their sponsorship program doesn’t just take care of a child’s physical well-being. They believe a child deserves to be safe and happy too. Therefore, your sponsorship will mean the child you support will receive Eid presents and attend summer camps, sports classes and fun day trips.

For more information, visit Orphan Sponsorship FAQs page where you’ll find answers to all your orphan-related queries.

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