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Monsoon Rains Batter Rohingya Refugee Camps

200,000 Rohingya refugees remain at great risk as heavy monsoon rain heaped new misery on the Muslim minority stuck in makeshift camps in Bangladesh.

The persecuted groups who fled a military crackdown in Myanmar have nothing but bamboo and tarpaulin  to shelter them from the heavy rains and cyclones that lash the region each year.

According to the UN, storms have so far caused at least 315 reported incidents, including 140 landslides, that have injured 33 and killed at least one refugee.

More than 29,000 in the sprawling refugee settlement have so far been affected by lashing rains and strong winds, buffeting their fragile shelters.

Nearly 2,900 have been displaced, and nearly 185,000 people are at immediate risk of being caught in landslides or floods in the coming months as storms batter the world’s largest refu­gee camp.

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The Rohingya crisis: the story so far

According to UNHRC, it was during the Monsoon season last year that more than 671,000 Rohingya refugees arrived in Bangladesh fleeing violence in Myanmar.

Whole families, young mothers, and unaccompanied minors were among those who came by boat or walked barefoot for days, wading through vast rice fields. Large groups crossed into south-eastern Bangladesh hungry, in poor physical condition and in need of emergency care.


Source UNHRC

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