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London Open Iftar ‘Turns Thousands of Strangers into Friends’

Inviting people from all across Great Britain, a Muslim NGO is holding a public iftar event for Muslims and non-Muslims to break fast together and engage in inspiring conversations.

Organized by Ramadan Tent Project (RTP), Open Iftar 2019 is now being held in London, and will continue throughout the fasting month of Ramadan with a view to bringing communities together and turning strangers into friends.

Bringing communities together

Ever since 2013 when it was first launched, Open Iftar has never relented efforts in bringing together people from all walks of life, different faith backgrounds and none, helping them bridging gaps and engaging in dialogue.

To date, over 70,000 people have attended Open Iftar, therefore contributing to 140,000 conversations.

“In order to continue turning strangers into friends, to continue providing free meals for everyone – Muslims, non-Muslims, the homeless and rough-sleepers, and to continue to grow this initiative across the country, we need your support,” RTP said via Launchgood campaign.

London Open Iftar 'Turns Thousands of Strangers into Friends' - About Islam

“This is a free event and we do not charge entry to anyone so we rely on the support and donations from those who are passionate about what we do and what we are trying to achieve.”

“Your donations will go towards covering costs of giving the Open Iftar experience to communities in cities across Great Britain, hosting and feeding around 25,000 people,” RTP said.

RTP has been awarded the Pride of Britain Special Recognition Award, presented by Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, as a partner of GMRU (Grenfell Muslim Response Unit).

It was also listed as one of the 50 Most Innovative Global Muslim Start-ups (2016).

Open iftars is a Ramadan tradition widely celebrated by Muslims around the world.

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