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London Muslims Give Back to Their Community in Ramadan

Giving back to their community during the fasting month of Ramadan, the Muslim community in the British capital is collecting donations for the London Food Bank.

Donating to the food bank is in the “giving spirit of Ramadan,” said Ali D. Chahbar, an outreach coordinator for the London Muslim Mosque.

“The food drive is usually quite successful,” he told the London Free Press.

Give 30 Campaign

The online campaign, named Give 30, seeks to encourage all people – Muslims and non-Muslims to donate during the fasting month to help the hungry and poor.

Give 30 is inspired by the tradition of fasting during Ramadan. The hope is doing so helps build empathy with those less fortunate. During Give 30 people of all backgrounds are asked to fast and donate the money they save to food banks or just to donate to food banks and help neighbors in need.

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Food items are collected at the London Muslim Mosque.

Muslims Giving Back

During the first week of Ramadan, more than $2,000 has been raised for the London Food Bank, co-director Glen Pearson said.

“They have always been really generous,” he said. “It comes at an important time of the year for us. Our demand stays high in the summer, but our donations drop.”

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and Muslims increase their prayers and recitation of the Quran and the amount of charity work they do during this month.


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