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‘Life Repairer’ Helps Disabled Animals Walk Again

The story of this young man is one of the most heartwarming stories one can read. The kindhearted Turkish man is well known for helping injured animals in his town. Using his own means, Hasan Kizil  makes walkers and prosthetic limbs to help disabled animals walk again.

There is no limit to the type of animals that Kızıl makes artificial legs for, he helps pets and non pets as well.

Kizil has been dubbed as “life repairer” by locals for treating injured animals through makeshift means.

An injured eagle

Recently, Kizil treated an eagle that lost its claws by equipping it with a 3D-printed foot.

The eagle was brought to him by a child after being found in an exhausted state. After examining the eagle, Kızıl realized it was missing claws on one foot.

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After meticulous calculations and modeling, Kızıl managed to create a prosthetic limb for the eagle by using a 3D printer. Soon after receiving its 3D-printed limb, the eagle attempted to take off and succeeded after several tries.

So far, Kızıl  has treated around 300 disabled animals for free. He told Daily Sabah Turkey.

Kızıl received Benevolence Award by Turkey’s Presidency of Religious Affairs in March for his efforts in treating disabled animals.