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ISNS Help Promote Message of Peace & Understanding of Islam

Islamic Society of North West Suburbs (ISNS) hosted an ‘Open Mosque Day’ on Saturday, October 29, 2016 as part of continuous efforts to counter Islamophobia and spread the true message of Islam.

In such events, non-Muslims are invited to come to the mosque, meet their Muslim neighbors and ask questions about anything related to Islam and Muslims. On the other hand, Imams and speakers answer the questions in a welcoming manner to encourage more understanding and integration between Muslims and non-Muslims in Western countries.

Mr. Dawood Khan, President, ISNS welcomed the guests by saying: “Assalaamu Alaikum to all of you,” which means peace be upon you.

“It’s a prayer that is used as a greeting of peace, and I use this greeting with each of you today,” he stated. He thanked everyone for taking the time to come and learn about the true meaning of Islam. He said,

“Please listen to the speakers, meet your Muslim neighbors and enjoy the delicious food prepared for you all.”

The first speaker Sheikh Nazir Chehin, resident scholar at ISNS. Sh. Chehin explained the fundamentals of Islam, emphasizing upon the monotheistic belief that Muslims following, coming from all of God’s Prophets, namely, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad, peace be upon all of them.

Dr. Sabeel Ahmed, the director at GainPeace, spoke on the topic of ‘Islam Promotes Peace. Dr. Ahmed provided evidence from the Quran and Prophet’s example, historical proof of how the Muslims have lived in peace and harmony with their neighbors.

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Over 80 attendees were present who took a tour of the facility, observed the afternoon prayers, and heard informational presentations on Islamic History and Women in Islam, Shariah Law and the basics of Islam. Guests were given the opportunity to obtain free Islamic literature which was provided by GainPeace, which is the outreach department of the Islamic Circle of North America.

Demonstration booth was set up for guests which include cultural items, Quranic manuscripts, and calligraphy.

ISNS is a non-profit organization that provides religious services, programs for the youth and adults, charitable donations, and educational programs with an emphasis on promoting communal harmony through social, education and relief activities.