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ICNA’s Mobile Clinic Offers Free Health Services to the Poor

Helping those who are unable to pay for health services, the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) has launched a mobile clinic to treat the poor.

The Muslim charity has appealed for donations to help provide free health services for those unable to afford it.

“We’re looking forward to helping those who fall through the cracks of our healthcare system,” ICNA said in a statement.

ICNA's Mobile Clinic Offers Free Health Services to the Poor - About Islam

According to ICNA website, around 28 million Americans do not have health insurance. ICNA Relief is doing its part to combat this problem by offering free basic medical services.

The charity organization envisions opening a hospital as part of its expansion efforts.

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Things you should know about ICNA Relief:

– ICNA Relief has responded to over 50 disasters nationwide

– They have 14 Women’s Shelters across the U.S.

– Their 30+ Food Pantries help nourish Americans weekly

– Their 7 Health Clinics provide FREE health services for all

– They’ve provided over 150K children from lower income families school supplies

– ICNA Relief is recognized by Federal, State, and local agencies and was recently awarded at the White House for their Disaster Relief Services

– ICNA Relief helps EVERYONE, regardless of their faith, race, gender or ethnicity